Twitter attack! Nokia taunts Apple during the iPhone event!

Pokes fun at the iPhone 5c, by saying “Imitation is the best form of flattery”. Within minutes, the second tweet suggests “Real gangsters don’t use gold phones”!
Twitter attack! Nokia taunts Apple during the iPhone event!

You gotta love Nokia for this! The sense of humor and timing was excellent, as the Nokia UK Twitter account took digs at Apple and the new devices being showed off during the iPhone event. First was the tweet while the iPhone 5c was being showed off on stage. The tweet simply read “Thanks, #Apple ;)”, along with an image of the range of Lumia phones with a prominent mast, which read – “Imitation is the best form of flattery”. the second tweet mentioned something about gangsters and golden coloured smartphones they may or may not prefer!

Without doubt, most of us saw shades of the Nokia Lumia smartphones in the new Apple iPhone 5c – the material, the look, the colours, the design. Just to be on the safe side, apparently, Nokia UK’s tweet made sure that those who didn’t, did!

However, the fun didn’t stop there, as Apple proceeded to show off the iPhone 5S. This time around, Nokia had some fun at the expense of the new golden coloured version of the 5s. The tweet reads, “”Real gangsters don’t use gold phones.”. Incidentally, there was no #Apple in this tweet, but everyone knows what Nokia is talking about!

We await any response Apple may have, if at all! But, without doubt, Nokia did liven up the otherwise rather studious environment during the iPhone event.

Source: Digit


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