This new website aims to change the way people play. Are you ready?


sprt_homeWouldn’t it be great, if in today’s hectic world also, we could just get up, take our bat and balls, call our friends and have an awesome time with them? Somewhere along the line of growing up and working with big multinationals, in crowded metros, going out with friends to play seems so mammoth a task- taken over by the ease of hanging out at over expensive restaurants and pubs- not caring for the severely declining health.
What if playing your favourite sport became as easy as booking a cab or ordering food- On the tap of a button.
Now it is.
SportSocial brings to you the ease of chasing your sport on your smartphone and tablets.
Want to play but don’t have a team? Don’t know where you can play your favourite sport and get the facilities and services you want?
We have all the answers. Fire up our website, browse the available locations at your chosen time, tell us who all are coming and done! As easy as that. We’ll do all the remaining work for you.

Now get up- Chase your Sport!

Visit at


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