The Sub-Rs.1000 Ausmosis Battle – Sony EX100 vs. JBL Tempo In-Ear

At Headphone Zone, the AUSMOSIS Range – In-Ear Earphones, is certainly the most vibrant and crowded range with all major brands showcasing a large range of In-Ears spread across all price ranges. The most popular is the Sub-Rs.1000 bracket, which has more than a couple of serious models competing for your attention. Today we’re going to compare and review two of them – The Sony EX100 and the JBL Tempo – In Ear both priced at Rs. 990.
The Sony promise of great products at very reasonable prices is certainly reflected in the Sony EX 100. We at Headphone Zone, certainly consider it as a strong benchmark for comparison across product lines at the Sub-Rs.1000 level. JBL has always been a very serious American Audio brand, but relatively unknown in the Headphone space. That is until recently. The Tempo series is their entry-level range and its great sound, utility and packaging certainly came to us as a surprise.

Sony EX100 – The Best Budget Earphone from Sony Yet

The Sony EX100 comes in a wide range of colors that stand out right away. Black, Red, Hot Pink, A Cool Turquoise and Orange. Orange certainly is the stand out color. The packaging is a first of its kinda with a Cylindrical transparent box with coiled wires floating around. Innovative! The Metallic Housing with its bright colors and smooth curves stands out right away. Shaped perfectly with the Earpiece at a suitable angle for Ergo Comfort, these earphones fit in right away without needing to be adjusted. One major plus, the wires on these earphones come with a rubber sheathing near the housing which protects the wire from breaking when coiled. Something certainly that you realize until you’ve ruined a couple of earphones. Dont be fooled by the frequency response on the back of the product, these Earphones deliver clarity comparable to the much more expensive Sennheiser CX-180 and CX-300.  Great bass, and good balance. Sony certainly is pushing the boundaries of great sound at the budget range.

JBL Tempo – In Ear – A Real Surprise package

The JBL Tempo In-Ear comes with just the classic Black and White, but the JBL brand sticks out in orange on the ear pieces. The packaging is great, a nice box  that looks a lot more expensive than the earphone itself. Earphone housing is a hardened plastic, which isn’t great, and the Ear pieces arent angled for ergo comfort. But what it lacks in design, the JBL promise of great sound more than makes up for. We certainly weren’t expecting the great sound clarity, fantastic response and a lot of emphasis on the bass frequencies. All Bass lovers are sure to find this product pretty satisfying.

The Final Take

Make no mistake. Both the Sony EX100 and the JBL Tempo In-Ear are the amongst  the highest selling earphones at Headphone Zone this season, and both are absolutely sensational pieces of product design. The Sony EX100 with its Metallic Housing in its amazing range of colors, the angled Earpiece with its Ergo comfort and innovative packaging comes out ahead of the JBL Tempo In-Ear when it comes to Design, Looks and Style. Even on the Durability front, the rubber sheathing covering the wire piece ensure that the Sony EX100 isnt going to give wire issues easily. The JBL Tempo In-Ear, other than the orange JBL logo on the earphone, does not look impressive or give a premium look.. But the JBL certainly edges out the Sony when it comes to Bass response, and emphasis on the lower frequencies.
At Headphone Zone, the Sony EX100 had traditionally absolutely dominated sales at the Sub-Rs.1000 level, and has usally been the most popular model. But then the Blitzkrieg of JBL’s Advertising took place earlier this year with AR Rahman as its brand ambassador and suddently consumers started noticing JBL. But the most popular JBL models still remain the more expensive J22’s and J33’s .

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